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Jenyle becker

Your "go to" Mistress for all things kink, fetish, and fantasy related! Striving to provide the best Quality in Everything Fetish.

Something about me

I want you to know that I am a professional dominant Mistress who has always been interested in having complex relationships with intelligent, ready to please submissive men because at the end of the day, it is the only viable, sustainable way to fully satisfy Myself. This might not be the Conventional /traditional dating you are used to , If you aren't submissive "Do not contact me " I am looking for that one slave with whom I can share a mutual understanding, respect and have the feeling we were going to build something out of our respective needs. Basically, I’ve been pretty much aware of the perverse form of BDSM and life in general since I started my adult life. I like the fetish and oral ASPECTS OF BDSM and the idea of having a man under my belt, I live by the female supremacy and do my best to practice what I preach! My understanding is that BDSM is a way of life. I Also offer no Apologies If you Dislike my Love for "SCAT" ....Use that Anger in getting a Traditional session which I also offer . If you're looking for someone that's understanding, reliable, trustworthy, sober, and extremely knowledgeable in all manner of BDSM play then look no further...


Sessions are available on both days from 2pm to 8pm. If you have not sessioned with Me before, an application and a deposit will be necessary to book. Tribute for these special sessions is only $1000 per hour so book while you can. Are you ready for true professional experience? I am an unwavering stubborn Dominatrix with a fondness for torture, force feeding and scat. I am very open to crafting a session that suits your needs. My consultation fee is JUST $500. We can also discuss long-term commitments where together we can develop a contract can create a bind for you that has your slave’s name and your favorite toys.


There will be a consultation before each session to understand interests and hard limits. Open communication is important to create a safe and consensual environment. As we will explore and push your limit of pain and pleasure you will be provided a safe word so together, we reach your maximum threshold. You will be respectful in action and word to me even under duress. We will have continuing conversation throughout the session and as needed will adjust expectations to ensure that together we have a safe, engaging, and fun experience.


Respect always!

At least 50% Mandatory deposit required.

Arrive on time.

Arrive clean and well groomed.

Do Not arrive to the session intoxicated.

Oral Hygiene during the session and days leading up to your arrival is a must.

No cigarette smoking is allowed.

Respect the space and contents.

Demonstrate good manners and proper etiquette during the entire session.

Bow your head and remain on your knees unless directed otherwise


Wipe down sink & toilet after each use.

No recording of the session without approval

Payment Options

Whatever means of payment you desire ,

Custom Clips



Video Length :

10 min[$120]

15 min[ $204.00] Save 20%

20 min [$372.00] save 20%

25 min [$440.00] Save 20%

30 min [$582.00] Save 30%

45 min [$723.00] Save 30%

60 min [$1,764.00] Save 30%


Delivery Date:

1) 1-week standard [$0.00]/

2)3 days [+$50.00]

3)2 days [[+100.00]

4) 1 day [+150.00]

Would you like to pay to use your name in this clip? Whatever means of payment you desire ,

Custom Clip Description [add the name to the form when making payment


God given beauty, Resourcefulness, Elegant and DOMINANT









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six (6) Figures Certified BDSM Mistress