Financial Domination


Financial Institutions have taught me how to really fuck a man in the arse. This is the obvious, metaphorical next step for me. So I will keep 5 Finsubs baited, and hooked. Anyone else wanting to serve me this way can go on the waiting list. The lucky 5 will be able to suffer enforced poverty and humiliation on a regular basis. While I wake every morning and piss champagne, bathe in expensive oils and then dress in luxury lingerie, expensive purses, watch and matching shoes . You will serve a purpose, and you will have the chance to become useful to me. Servitude is a beautiful thing. Just like me.

From banks that charge you for being poor and make you exist in your overdraft. To the tax man taking your wages, solicitors charging you hundreds for printing, posting. Everyone at the top extorts the bottom feeders.

A contract will be agreed with spend and credit limits set. These count as your hard limits. I will take advantage of your generosity but I need you solvent and affluent for this to work. Limits are just as applicable in Findom as they are in Femdom. If you seek to extend your lines of credit, you will need to prove to the Bank of Bitch that you can afford to.

I am already a Real time Domme with an established dungeon. That is my verification.

Nothing is free.

There are no refunds. If the rules are broken, bent or ignored even a little bit, the Bank reserves the right to close your account at any time without warning. The Bank can change the rules whenever it likes. Everything is expensive and unfair. My decision is final and disputing decisions only makes penalties increase. You can decrease your debt /beg for an extension by visiting the Bank Manager for a real time meeting, to offer a pound of flesh as payment. Always respond to my questions within 24 hours. I have a 7 days to reply to you. Credit extended must be paid in the timescales agreed in the contract Penalties for late payments are excessive and unreasonable. As is making me wait for payment. There will be excessive charges for anything and everything. Every word I send you costs money. I have a debt collector who can and will visit you (if this is part of our agreed T&Cs before the financial term commences) There are levels of financial submission. ONLINE or REAL TIME options so distance is no barrier to serving me. LIGHTWEIGHT FINSUB - SPOIL ME with pampering trips on a weekly basis. To keep me happy. You can accompany me to my appointments or send me the money. MIDDLEWEIGHT FINSUB - You can submit online only and become mine with tough online tasks and earn rewards. With debts and fines piling up you will begin to drown in your helpless state. I will be your oxygen. HEAVYWEIGHT FINSUB - Handover complete control of your finances. All passwords, PINS, access details. This may be a level you'd like to work towards. Or start immediately. To BEGIN click the "Submit" button on the right. Send me your details so I can send out your Finance agreement. The get ready to sell your granny. I'll be merciless.