Physical meet

You will be devastated my fit body, beautiful face, and cunning blue eyes. As you listen to the mastery in my voice you will feel yourself giving in to my will. Based on your delights I will tease and touch you in ways that will build your sensation until you complete lose yourself. It is at this point that I will free your soul through the trusting bond between us propelling you to new heights of conciseness. My interest in coprophilia stems from the sexual excitement arising from the use of feces or filth, Though gross ..Eating, Smearing , shitting on someone. the hottest thing is that the anus stretches not so much the poop itself, Especially how the anus sticks out when scat drops. Not to be scared if coprophilia/Scat isn't your thing peruse Through for other Kinks and fetishes i participate in

Sessions can consist of several elements, please let me know your interests in as much detail as you like when you book. I will happily accommodate you.


1 hour: $400

90 minutes: $600

2 hours: $800

3 hours: $1200

4 hours: $1600

Overnight sess8pm-7am): $3200

24 hours, including servitude and play: $9600

2 days, including servitude and play: $19200

Edge of Orgasm game (2 hours): $805

SCAT WEEK: $700 PER day

Cuckolding: $744 per hour

Cuckolding overnight: $3840

Cuckolding weekend: $6000

Forced-bi: $743 per hour

Companionship (restaurant, theatre, drinks, social etc.): ($125 surcharge for outcalls within My city)

30 minute coffee date (I allow these to run long if we are enjoying each other’s company!) – $150

60 minute coffee date – $200

3 hour dinner date (I’m lovely company) $400

Traditional Domination

30 minute session – $250

60 minute session – $500

90 minutes session – $750

2 hour session – $1000

Overnight (6-8 hours) – contact for pricing

New clients must schedule an in-call appointment before requesting any out-call sessions.

Overnight sessions and sessions lasting longer than 2 hours must be scheduled far in advance.

Outcalls outside My location:

within 2 hours travelling distance/ Dungeon hire inclusive tribute + $125 surcharge + $62 per hour of travel to the destination, all to be paid upon booking. Booking to be 3 hours minimum.

No outcalls to private residences.

More than 2 hours travelling distance/ overnight accommodation of My choice to be paid for, to be paid for upon booking, on top of the above mentioned fees.

The booking must be made minimum of 2 weeks in advance to allow Me time to get other bookings.